Madaxweynaha Shiinaha Oo Soomaaliya Ugu Hambalyeeyey Xuska 60 Sano Guurada Xornimadeeda

Madaxweynaha Shiinaha Xi Jinping ayaa dhambaal hamalyo ah u soo diray dowladda Soomaaliya iyo shacabkeeda oo uu ugu hambaleeyey dabaaldegga xuska 60 guuradii ka soo wareegatay xornimada.

Halkan Ka Aqriso Hambalyada Ay Soo Dirtay Dowlladda Shiinaha

Madaxweynaha Shiinaha oo Soomaaliya ugu Hambalyeeyey Xuska 60 Sano Guurada Xornimadeeda

Halkan Ka Daawo Warbixin Ku Saabsan Hambalyada Madaxweynaha Shiinaha

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