Madaxweyne Shariif oo Loo Doortay Guddoomiyaha Madasha Xisbiyada Qaran

Shir goordhow ay yeesheen madasha xisbiyada qaran, kaas oo ka dhacay magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed oo ahaa madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya  loogu doortay guddoomiyaha madasha.

Arrintan ayaa la timid kadib wadatashi muddo socday taasi oo looga gol leeyahay in la mideeyo garabyada kala duwan ee xisbiyada mucaaradka.

Sheekh Shariif waxaa uu ahaa hoggaamiyaha xisbiga Himilo Qaran, waxaana u tanaasulay madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud oo ah guddoomiyaha xisbiga UPD.

Wararkan, oo faahfaahsan la soco

Goobjoog News

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