Magafeyaal Soomaali Ah oo Lagu Maxkamadeynayo Kenya

Labo Soomaali ah oo dadka tahriibiya ayaa lagu maxkamadeynayaa dalka Kenya iyaga oo loo heysto in gabar ka wadeen xerada Hagadheera ee Gaarisa isla markaana ay geeyeen dalka Libya.

Cabdikadir Axmed Maxamed and Maxamed Axmed Ahmed Afrah  ayaa gabadh marka hore geeyey Nairobi kadibna diyaarad ku geeyey Khardhom iyada oo halkaasi ka gashay Libya.

Gabadha oo hadda lagu heysto dalka Libya waxaa loo heystaa madax furasho gaareysa ilaa $10,000 taasi oo haddii la bixi waayo dhibaato lagu sameyn karo.

Gabadha aan qoraal u soo dirtay qoyska bishii December ayaa ku sheegtay in labada nin ay wadeen hadana loo heysto madax furasho.

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