Ra’iisulwasaaraha Magacaaban Oo La Horgeyn Doono Golaha Shacabka

Madaxweynaha Dowladda Federaalka Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo  ayaa beri 23-ka September 2020 hortagaya Golaha Shacabka Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya halkaas oo uu khudbad uu ka jeedin doono.

Kulanka ayaa lagu wadaa sidoo kale in  codka kalsoonida loo qaado Ra’iisulwasaarah magacaban Maxamed Axmed Rooble,oo dhawaan loo igmaday xilkan.

Sidoo kale qorshaha Golaha shacabka ayaa ah sidii ay u meel marin lahayeen heshiiska arrimaha Doorashooyinka ee Muqdisho ay ku gareen Madaweyne Maxamed Cabdullahi Faarmaajo,Madaxda Maamul Goboleedyada iyo Maamulka Gobolka Banaadir.

Madaxda Maamul Goboleedyada oo Muqdisho ku sugan ayaa wada olole ay ku doonayaan in Golaha Shacabka uu meelmariyo Heshiiska Villa Somalia iyo Dowlad-goboleedyada iyo in codka kalsoonida ay siiyaan Ra’iisulwasaare Maxamed Xuseen Rooble.

Todobaadkii hore Madaxweyne Farmaajo ayaa magacabay Ra’iisulwasaare cusub ka dib markii Golaha Shacabka ay eryeen Xasan Cali Khayre.

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