Shaqa Joojin Lagu Sameeyey Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda Gobolka Banaadir

Guddoomiyaha Maxkamdda sare ee dalka Baashe Yuusuf Axmed ayaa shaqo joojin ku sameeyey guddoomihii maxakamadda  gobolka Banaadir Muuse Macalin Cabdi,

Guddoomiye Baashe Yuusuf  Axmed ayaa xilkaas si ku meel gaar ah waxaa uu u magacaabay xilka maxkamadda gobolka Cabdisalaan Macalin Cabdi oo ah guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda degmada Howlwadag ee gobolka Banaadir.

Shaqo joojinta lagu sameeyey guddoomiyihii maxkamadda gobolka Banaadir  ayaa lagu  sheegay in ay  ka dambeyso  khilaaf soo kala dhex galay  guddoomiyaha maxkamadda gobolka  iyo guddoomiyaha Maxakamadda Sare Baashe.

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