Shirka Madaxda Maamul Goboleedyada Oo Ka Furmay Baydhabo

Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Baydhabo ayaa ku waramaya inuu goor dhow si rasmi ah magaaladaasi uga furmay shirka madaxda maamul goboleedyada.

Waxaa shirkaan ka qeybgalaya dhammaan madaxweynayaasha maamullada Puntland, Jubbaland, K/galbeed, Hirshabelle iyo Galmudug.

Shirkaan ayaa looga hadli doonaa arrimo ay ka mid yihiin amniga guud ee dalka, siyaasadda, qeybsiga kheyraadka dalka iyo arrimo kale.

Ammaanka magaalada Baydhabo ayaa ah mid aad loo adkeeyey, iyadoo shirkanna laga filayo in laga soo saaro qodobo dhowr ah.

Warkaan wixii kusoo kordha waxaan idiin kugu soo gudbin doonnaaa wararkeena kale


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