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ADRA Somalia is in the process of updating its register of suppliers for various Goods & Services for the financial year of 2023. Interested eligible suppliers are invited to apply for pre-qualification, indicating the goods, works, and/or services they wish to supply as below. This is for only ADRA Banadir region office.

Category Number Category Description
Supply of Goods
ADRASOM/01/2023 Supply of General Office Stationery
ADRASOM/02/2023 Supply of Office Furniture
ADRASOM/03/2023 Supply of Printed and Branded Stationery and Materials
ADRASOM/04/2023 Supply, Maintenance & Repair of Computer Hardware, Software, Printers, Multi-Function Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Toner Cartridges, Network Equipment
ADRASOM/04/2023 Supply of Schools Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
ADRASOM/06/2023 Repair & Maintenance of School Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
ADRASOM/07/2023 Supply of air travel and ticketing booking reservation services
ADRASOM/08/2023 Supply of vehicle transportation services
ADRASOM/09/2023 Supply of Photovoltaic Equipment (PV) and Solar Energy Equipment, Installation & Maintenance Services
ADRASOM/10/2023 Supply of School Uniforms
ADRASOM/11/2023 Supply of Food Stuff and Nonfood Items (NFI)
ADRASOM/12/2023 Supply of School Textbooks
ADRASOM/13/2023 Supply of Sanitation Material
ADRASOM/14/2023 Supply of Building, Construction Hardware & Electrical Materials
ADRASOM/15/2023 Supply of Artwork, Branding, Printed, Visibility Materials, for example, Branded Clothing, Notebooks, Stickers, Banners, Folders, Brochures, Posters, Billboards, Photographs etc.
ADRASOM/16/2023 Supply of Cleaning Materials and Services
ADRASOM/17/2023 Hire of Vehicles
ADRASOM/18/2023 Supply of Construction Services for Buildings, Repair & Maintenance and Rehabilitation Contractor Services
ADRASOM/19/2023 Supply of Internet and Telephony Services
ADRASOM/20/2023 Provision of Garbage Collection & Sanitation Services
ADRASOM/21/2023 Supply of Conference Facilities and Accommodation
ADRASOM/22/2023 Provision of Media Services & Productions
ADRASOM/23/2023 Supply of Assistive Devices


Pre-qualification documents with detailed information can be obtained from ADRA Offices.

The Applications must satisfy the following conditions among the minimum criteria for evaluation by being accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Very Brief Company Profile (not more than 5 pages.
  • Company’s Supply Experience with (1)ADRA or (2) Other Similar international NGO. Provide a listed table indicating LPOs/ Contracts – Goods/Services/Works Supplied – Dates – Values of LPOs/Contracts. (This list may be in your Profile)
  • Registration certificates from the respective Authorities e.g.:- Trading Licenses.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Six month certified bank statements.
  • Copy of Passport/ID of Owner/ 2 directors
  • Telephone and Email Contact of the Supplier/Company (Must)
  • Suppliers are not allowed to apply for more than two category.
  • Suppliers whose services and goods do not fall in the category they have applied for, will be disqualified.


How to Apply

Completed Pre-qualification documents in plain sealed envelopes MUST indicate the Category Number. and Item Description and clearly marked “Pre-qualification of Suppliers-2023  and should be deposited in the “Prequalification Tender Box” at the ADRA Offices.

The closing date for the submission of applications will be 18th DECEMBER 2022, at 4p.m. Tenders received after the deadline will be rejected.

Thereafter the tenders will be opened on 19th DECEMBER 2022.

ADRA Somalia reserves the right to accept or reject any application wholly or partly without assigning any reason thereof.




Name of Entity/Company:


Name of Contact Persons:                                                           (1)



Passport/ID copy attached YES/NO:


Physical Address/Location of Offices/ Shop:


Telephone Number(s):


Email address:
Attached Registration Documents: YES/NO


Tax Compliance Certificate: YES/NO?
Attached Bank Statements Attached: YES/NO?
List Table indicating LPOs/ Contracts – Goods/Services/Works Supplied – Dates – Values of LPOs/Contracts. YES/NO?


Serial No. Company Supplied To Goods/Services Supplied Year Amount Name of Contact Person Telephone No. of Contact Person


Download the PDF version of the Notice Prequalification of Suppliers in Somalia for the period 2023