Warar Dheeraad Ah Oo Ku Saabsan Xayiraaddii Sheekh Shariif Ee Garoonka Aadan Cadde

Warar dheeraad ah ayaa laga helayaa xayiraaddii DFS ay maanta kusoo rogtay Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed, madaxweynihii hore ee dalka xilli isaga iyo wafdi uu hoggaaminayo ku wajahnaayeen magaalada Kismaayo ee gobolka Jubbada Hoose.

Sida ay inoo xaqiijiyeen ilo wareedyo lagu kalsoon yahay, waxaa gabi ahaamba la joojiyey safarkii Sheekh Shariif iyadoo diyaaraddii u qaadi lahayd Kismaayo iyana laga baajiyey safarkeeda.

Inkastoo aan weli la ogeyn ammarka lagu joojiyey socdaalkii Sheekh Shariif ee magaalada Kismaayo cidda bixisay, ayaa hadane waxaa la sheegayaa in diyaaradda lagu wargeliyey inaanay qaadi karin wafdigan uu hoggaaminayo madaxweynihii hore ee dalka.

Hadaba, maamulka Jubbaland ayaa isna wuxuu faray diyaaraddan in aanay imaan karin Kismaayo haddii aanu la socon Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed.

Dedaal badan oo la sameeyey kadib, waxaa fashilmay in Sheekh Shariif uu u baxo magaalada Kismaayo, safarkana wuxuu noqday mid baaqday.

Dowladda federaalka Soomaaliya weli kama aanay hadal arrintan, hase ahaatee tani ayaa daba socota xayiraadda dowladda ay kusoo rogtay duulimaadyada Kismaayo.

Warkaan wixii kusoo kordha kala soco wararkeena kale Insha Allah

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