Wasaaradda Amniga Galmudug Oo Digniin u Dirtay Ciidamada Maamulkaasi

Wasiirka wasaaradda amniga  gudaha ee Dowlad Goboleedka Galmudug,  Axmad Macallin Fiqi  ayaa  sheegay  in aan la aqbali doonin in ciidamadu ay ka qeyb noqdaan dagaal Beeleedyada.

Wasiir Fiqi ayaa intaa ku daray inaysan ka mid ahayn waajibaadka Ciidamadu in ay ku lug yeeshaan colaad sokeeye, balse taa beddelkeeda loo baahan yahay in ay kala dhex-galaan si ay xal iyo heshiis ugu soo dabbaalaan dhinacyada dagaallamaya.

Mudane, Fiqi ayaa tilmaamay in ay tallaabo sharci ah ka qaadi doonaan ciddii lagu arko ayadoo ka shaqaynaysa Colaad sokeeye.

Wasiirka amniga Galmudug, Axmed Macallin Fiqi ayaa Maalmahan ku howlanaa sharciyeynta Malleeshiyo Beeleedyada, kuwaas oo Hub iyo Gaadiid dagaalba ku wareejiyay maamulka.

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