Xiisad Dagaal Oo Laga Soo Sheegayo Gobolka Sool

Wararka naga soo gaaraya deegaanka Horufadhi ee gobolka Sool, ayaa waxay sheegayaan in halkaasi ay ka taagan tahay xiisad u dhaxeysa Maleeshiyo beeleed halkaasi wada deggan.

Xiisaddan ayaa daba socota dil xalay deegaankaasi loogu geystay nin la sheegay inuu ka mid ahaa dadka deegaanka, waxaana dilkiisan lala xiriiriyey aano qabiil.

Dad ku sugan Horufadhi ayaa inoo sheegay in uu jiro abaabul, ayna is uruursanayaan maleeshiyaad qaab qabiil u abaabulan, waxaana laga baqayaa in dagaal uu dhaco.

Dhanka kale, waxgarad ku sugan Buuhoodle ayaa la sheegayaa iney isku abaabulayaan sidii ay xiisaddan ku damin lahaayeen, wax walbana looga wadahadli lahaa.

Warkaan wixii kusoo kordha kala soco wararkeena kale.

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