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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia examines camels from the Horn of Africa


indexThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has started checking up the camels from Horn of African countries including Somalia supposing that the virus MERS that killed many people might have been spread by the camels.

The kingdom is making efforts to control the outbreak of MERS by testing the camels and other livestock reaching the seaports.

Briefing the media Tariq Madani, the head of the scientific advisory board of Saudi health ministry command and control centre stated that the ministry of agriculture will take the last verdict whether to outlaw the import of camels.

“We have always imported camels from the African Horn…. but we will stop that until we get more information on whether they are infected or not,” he said, “the ministry hasn’t yet released an official ban for the importation of camels”, although colleagues there had told him such a move is “under consideration”. He added.

Many people believe that a ban on camel trade in the region will impair the already weak economy of Somalia which relies on livestock export to Saudi Arabia.

Over 200 people who contracted MERS in Saudi Arabia died as the Ministry of Health confirms.

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