Warbixin:-Machadka Heritage Oo War Ka Soo Saaray Doorashada Iyo Muddo Kordhinta

Qoraal ka soo baxay  Machadka Heritage ayaa lagu sheegay  in si xoogan u aaminsan yahay in ay soo xirmayaan albaabadi oo dhan ayna jirto fursad aad u yar oo lagu xallinkaro xiisaddaha ka jira doorashooyinka waqitigeedi ee aadka u soo dhawaaday, isla markaana ay daruuri tahay in la helo dariiq loo maro xalka.

Halkan Ka Daawo Waraysi Ku Saabsan Warbixinta Ka Soo Baxday Machadka Heritage

Halkan Ka Aqriso Qoraal Ka Soo Baxay Machadka Heritage

Machadka Heritage Oo Ku Taliyey In La Aado Doorasho Dadbab ama Muddo Kordhin

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