Talyaaniga oo Deeq Soo Gaarsiiyey Dadka Fatahaaddu Saameysay

Diyaarad weyn oo sidda gargaar loogu tala galay dadka fatahaadaha iyo daadadka roobku saameeyeen ayaa goordhaw soo caga dhigatay garoonka diyaaradaha Aadan Cadde.

Gargaarkan waxaa uu taas uga yimid dowladda Talyaaniga waxaana uu noqonayaa gurmadkii ugu horeeyay ee dowlad Yurub ah ay toos ugu wareejiso dowladda Soomaaliyeed.

Waxaa ay weli dhibaato ka jirtaa arrimaha fatahaadda gaar ahaan dadka ku dhaqan Baladweyn.ee gobalka Hiiraan iyo deegaanno dhaca gobalka dariska la ah ee  Shabeellaha Dhaxe.

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  1. Btw I learned another gem from you – you tweeted letting me know you left a response on my comment. And sort of solved my problem – I used to send individual mails to my readers letting them know I responded to their comment on my blog.
    Appreciate the tweet and kind words, Shiv. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. You’re right… For many bloggers “commenting the right way” is the last thing on their minds. They’re trying to get backlinks, social media shares, whatever.
    Its always overlooked skill as most bloggers go on overdrive to link build. Of paramount importance is to understand the post before commenting as always an off topic of general comment is often taken 

  3. And commenting on other blogs isn’t just helpful for new bloggers — it’s helpful for those of us who have been doing it a while, too. All of us want to build relationships. 
    Thank you! Yes, I enjoy step-by-step guides, too. They make learning a lot easier.

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