Wabiga Shabelle Oo Laga Baqayo Inuu Fatahaad Ka Sameeyo Hiiraan

Maamulka gobolka Hiiraan ayaa cabsi ka muujiyey in fatahaad uu sameeyo Wabiga Shabelle, maadaama la guda galay xilli roobeydka Deyrta.

Yuusuf Axmed Hagar Dabageed ayaa sheegay in xilli walbo la filan karo fatahaad uu Wabiga ka sameeyo gobolka Hiiraan gaar ahaan magaalada B/weyne.

Waxa uu sheegay Dabageed in ay kala hadleen hay’adaha samofalka ah in ay haatan usii diyaar garoobaan sidii wax loogu qaban lahaa dadka kahor inta aanay fatahaadu dhicin.

“Hay’adaha waxay gurmadka keenaan marka dhibaatadu dhacdo oo wax la qaban karo aanay jirin, hadda fatahaad ayaa laga baqaa oo xilli walbo ah, waxaana u sheegnay hay’adaha in dadka gurmadka loo sii bilaabo kahor inta aanu dhibaato soo gaarin” ayuuyiri guddoomiyaha.

Wabiga Shabelle ayaa inta badan fatahaad ka sameeya sanad walba deegaannada uu dalka ka maro, waxaana fatahaadaasi ka dhashay dhibaatooyin badan.

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