Doorashada 2020-ka Maka Duwanaan Doontaa Doorashooyinkii Hore?

Siyaasiyiin iyo aqoonyahanno ayaa ka hadlay farqiga u dhaxeyn kara doorashada la filayo in dalka ay ka dhacdo 2020-ka iyo sidoo kale kuwii hore ee dalka ka dhacay.

Qaarkood ayaa qaba aragti ah in aanay jiri doonin farqi weyn oo kala duwanaanshiyo ah.

Nidaamka hadda socda ayeey sheegeen inaanu ka duwanaan doonin kii hore, waxayna tusaalooyin usoo qaateen halka uu hadda marayo amniga dalka iyosidoo kale deegaannada la filayo in doorashooyinka ay ka dhacaan.

Dhaqangalka doorasho qof iyo cod ah ayeey sheegeen iney tahay mid aad u adag.

Halkaan hoose ka dhageyso:

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