Sawirro: Kulan Dhexmaray Madaxweynaha Galmudug iyo Xildhibaannada Baarlamaanka Federaalka ah

Kulanka waxaa uu dhexmaray madaxweynaha Galmudug oo haatan ku sugan Cadaado iyo xildhibaanno ka tirsan baarlamaanka federaalka ah.

Xildhibaannada waxaa ka mid ahaa: Guddoomiye ku-xigeenka 1aad ee aqalka sare Senator Abshir Axmed, Senator Cabdi Cawaale Qeydiid, Xildhibaan Saabir Shuuriye, Xildhibaan Mahad Salaad, Xildhibaan Cabdiraxmaan Odowaa iyo qaar kale.


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  4. After taking office as vice chairman at the time of Jang Tae-pyeong, former head of the Korea Racing Association, he served as head of the horse industry development division, marketing division, and planning division, and also served as chairman of the horse racing and horse industry sustainability council. When Chairman Jang Tae-pyeong suddenly resigned in September 2013, he served as chairman for three months and held big events such a온라인경마 s the 1st Pegasus Festival and the 2013 National Audit.Kim Young-man, former vice chairman of the Korea Racing Authority, who retired in May 2014, returned as a non-executive director as of March 27. The Korea Racing Authority recruited former Vice Chairman Kim Young-man to replace Seo Seung-il, a non-executive director whose term expired in September 2016.Kim Young-man, a former vice chairman from Goryeong, North Gyeongsang Province, graduated from the 23rd administrative examination in 1979 and served as the head of the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute since June 2010.

  5. The Let’s Run Foundation is a social contribution foundation established to create a society that completes social responsibility and lives together as a public interest company by raising funds with donations from the Korean Horse Association and donations from executives and employees. It was founded on 18 March 2014.Previously,온라인경마 the Korean Racing Authority conducted various donations or social return activities in the social contribution team, but the establishment was promoted due to the need for a more active and professional foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to support job creation projects, talent development projects, cultural enrichment projects, welfare promotion projects for the vulnerable, and image improvement projects for the horse industry.

  6. It was the most difficult when I just debuted. During the training of the colt, he fell with the horse and was crushed by the horse. Since then, I have an ankle aftereffect. Even now, he is not able to run as fast. Currently, there is no significant impact on Gyeongju, but it was affected at that time. Although his ankle was swollen due온라인경마 to a ligament rupture and fracture, he wanted to continue riding for the race, so he said he had bruises. I limped and tried to ride one more. At that time, the complete recovery was not done properly, leaving a slight aftereffect.It was during the 2015 JIBS Ship Racing Competition. Although it was not a horse that I expected to win because it was unpopular, I did not miss it and did my best to ride it because it was an opportunity that came once. I won because it was an opportunity from heaven.

  7. They said, “The horse racing society has been equipped with a system to sell tickets for the lowest price of 2,000 won at the Yonghwa Sangma Racing Center and has continued to receive온라인경마 a number of gamblers,” adding, “This is the reason for the closure of the Yongsan Video Racing Authority.” He also claimed that he violated the Act on the Integrated Supervisory Commission of Private Business by giving prizes worth 40,000 won to 10 percent of customers who enter and leave the Yongsan outdoor market.Representatives Kim Kwang-jin and Jang Ha-na, members of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy’s Euljiro Committee, said, “Now that there is a serious reason for the closure, the Korean Racing Authority should immediately shut down Yongsan video gambling center.”

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